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LA Confidential having most euphoric effects is a most widely spread strain all around the globe. LA Confidential smoke induces freshness, as it is pine-scented so it creates a very fuming environment. It is embellished with purple leaves and bud grows in an appealing color of lime green. California is place where you could find this strain.


LA Confidential strain numbs the body and take in to a state known as ‘’couch lock’’. User experiences a floating relaxing wave flown through the body in Couch lock. It also induces cerebral and euphoric experiences. Whoever wants to be relaxed from the daily grind of life must uses LA Confidential because it also takes man to sleep of few hours. Over dose of LA Confidential also have some negative effects. Its higher dose induces headache and paranoia.


Now a day’s insomnia is a very widespread hazard and LA Confidential is the one which deals with insomnia and induces a relaxing sleep. It could also be used as a mood lifter against depression and anxiety it is of best use. It also could be used as a medicine because it prevents from nausea and could be a treatment for ache and pain.

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