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Green Dragon

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Green dragon is the pure Indica having much of soothing effects. The genetic roots of Green Dragon are convolving towards the India. The flowers of green dragon are embedded with THC, having a well contended ratio that satisfies its smoker. Green Dragon possessed large flowers along with curled green leaf which later on changes and attains a very delightful one. It produces acrid smoke and is expelled out with severe pine bloom.


It enables its smoker to enjoy up to the mark along with great relaxing therapy. It has very sweet aroma, spreads the fragrance into whole of the compartment. Soon after smoking it smoker would feel an exceptional sense of tranquility and peace around him.


It sets you free from stress, depression and anxiety. It has the ability to grant the user, relief from every type of pain either swear or normal and give a more refreshed texture to the body. With every smoke user expels out he expels his/her tensions out. It starts feeling relaxed and tensions ether they are mental or physical are vanished out. Tranquility just starts dropping out of the user.

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