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Wedding Crasher

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Wedding Crasher by no means will make one do any such action as its name indicates but it isn’t any less impactful. Produced by Symbiotic Genes, it is a stunning blend of Purple Punch and Wedding Cake strains. Worthy of its name, it has delightful mix of wedding cake and vanilla flavor, with the after taste of Purple Punch, it would make anyone come for more.


Like all our products, we at Medical Cannabis & Pills. produce our Wedding Crasher meticulous care. By cultivating our Wedding Crasher outdoors with a flowing time of almost 10 weeks, there is no doubt about its top-notch quality.


With its high THC levels, averaging about 18%, the Wedding Crasher is a miracle potion for treating mental problems. From chronic stress, depression to nausea, inflammation or appetite loss, Wedding Crasher is the first choice of all those who has experienced its amazing and impactful effects. Although it’s a strain no too often used medically, its wondrous effects on individuals suffering from migraines, arthritis and even chronic body pain is something that no person can every deny.

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Here at Medical Cannabis & Pills, we produce the best and quality Wedding Crasher in the market. Our Wedding Crasher includes the perfect blend Wedding Cake and Purple Punch strains. Buy Wedding Crasher online here at our website, where you find the best and purest of the market. With our special sale of Wedding Crasher, you can now buy this unique product for only 320$.

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