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Nederhash Hashish

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As the name suggests, Nederhash is produced in Netherlands. Cannabis plants are very rare or rarely available in Netherlands. For making Nederhash, only a small amount of cannabis buds is required, which are crushed or rubbed in between hands. The resulting powder is Weed, which is produced in very small amounts and converted into Nederhash. Its colour ranges from white from outside to green from inside. It tastes is like grass and consistency depends upon the weed that is produced. However, majority of the hash has soft texture. It has usually 60-62% THC concentration. Nederhash can also be produced by screening or Afghani method.


Nederhash is very potent high and strong. It gets you the feeling of highness and dream-inducing sleep. It has become the major trend in cannabis culture. You can also use Nederhash for recreational purposes. It enters the bloodstream and brain and then to body, where you feel an increase on your body temperature as well as relaxation.


You can smoke the moon rocks in a hash bowel, joint, bubbler or bong. Use glassware for the moon rocks because they’re little greasy to smoke. Stay hydrated before smoking. Make sure that you’ve taken your meal.

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