Mountain Man Espresso Cookie

  • mountain Man Espresso Cookie

Mountain Man Espresso Cookie

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Mountain Man Espresso Cookies are the canna butter cookies, that are used as edibles of Marijuana for people who cannot take medicines. These are paired with Cannabis with deliciously sweet taste. They have 20-25% THC per cookie in them. They have soft and chewy texture. You can have them in any time of the day. The unique thing about our recipes is that they are gluten free.


Our Espresso Cookies are strongly potent. After eating them, you will observe the effects in no time. You will get high and happy with immediate effects. You can consume them at any time. One should avoid consuming mountain man espresso cookies on empty stomach. The higher the amount of THC in your cookie, the more high will you get. You should get to know that you should not eat cookies in combination with alcohol or other drugs.


These Marijuana Espresso Cookies are made by Canna butter. All you need is canna butter, sugar, flour, cannabis oil and a little bit of vanilla extract. These all are mixed together in a bowl worth continuous stirring, and our favorite espresso cookies are ready to consume. Once we have made our recipe of Espresso Cookie, we could store them by keeping it in a sealed container. You can use these cookies for almost a week.

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