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Mint dreams in a round shaped pie like Oreo two round chocolatey pie filled with creamy mint in its centre like a sweet  sandwich this is one of the best and creative way to consume marijuana . its main ingredients are all purpose flour , granulated sugar , cocoa powder , thick cream , peppermint extracts . the soft buns and creamy filling together gives a smooth feel and sweet chocolatey taste with minty aroma  .


Due to its 50mg content of THC it is not just a sweet pie rather it’s a marijuana pie which is effective at curing certain symptoms of diseases it also provides many benefits like relaxation , creativity , good sleep , reducing pain , anxiety, stress from work and lot more however marijuana is only recommend for adults it should not be used be children’s under 18 years of age as it may affect the thinking capacity of the brain .


Deserts are a good food for snack time it can be consumed anytime when you feel cravings but as it is THC infused its better to use it with dinner or as evening snack because it has the power to make one feel sleepy with a its light headed feel due to marijuana it also uplifts your mood

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