Mint Chip Brownie Bite

  • Mint Chip Brownie Bite

Mint Chip Brownie Bite

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Mint Chip Brownie Bite is small bite-sized stuffed with a creamy minty desert in a slightly crunchy brownie. mint chip brownie bites are perfect sweet treat for your sweet tooth its chocolate and mint combination gives it a different kind of taste as compared to other sweet snacks available in the market brownies made from unsweetened butter , unsweetened cocoa powder , eggs , pinch of salt , granulated sugar , all purpose flour and mint filling contains heavy cream , sugar and peppermint extracts . it contains no artificial colours , flavours or preservatives


This sweet and minty recipe is guaranteed to give you a smile and joy on your  face due to its unique taste of mint and chocolatey blend which your taste buds will never be able to forget and crave for more


Mint chip brownie is a perfect snack for multiple purposes its best for snack time or for decorating a sweet dish these chocolatey cups filled with mint is well loved by kids making it a new and creative alternative of normal chocolate bars . this food looks beautiful and eye Cathy making it best for birthdays or kitty parties . decorate these small snacks in a plate and serve it to your guests and children’s friends on their next visit to your home

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