Cannabis Savory Pretzels

  • Cannabis Savory Pretzels

Cannabis Savory Pretzels

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This weirdly looking double ring shaped snack is quite delicious in taste it contains flavour of paprika , soy sauce , garlic and onion this blends gives you a explosion of spicy taste and aroma in your mouth and with 127 mg of THC  it gives a wonderful feelings to your mind in addition to being a vegan food and free of sugars this snack does not contain any MSG making it one of the best snack in the market however they may contain small percentage of wheat and soy ingredients


Cannabis savory pretzels is a lab tested snack which is less in calories and will not have any ill effects on your health. as it contains THC in it which makes it a superfood for medical patients who need marijuana for medication it will be the best snack in such situations and even for normal peoples


This snack item is a good fit for you if I are looking for something spicy instead of sweetness in your mouth as it contains only around 120 to 150 calories it will not break your daily calorie intake limits making it a light and hunger satisfying snack item not just that it may also have a numerous health benefits too

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