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Edibles are the infusion products of Marijuana that can be taken by the patients who cannot smoke out the cannabis. Marijuana edibles come in different varieties e.g., chocolates, chocolate bars, brownies, pies, tinctures, candies, cakes, gummies, pills, spreads & snacks as well as in the form of drinks. 

Thanks to the advancements and establishments in the cannabis infusion products, you can fine here a vast diversity of marijuana edibles canna butter, truffles and candies.

How these products work?

Edibles are the orally-ingested products. Each edible contains a particular amount of marijuana. Cannabis when consumed, enter in our blood stream after digesting and absorption in the intestine. The remaining components are then metabolized in our liver. This process is pretty slower than inhaling the smoke but is more effective and long-lasting.

Different ways to Consume Edibles:

  1. Some are taken through stomach ( Gastrointestinal Uptake)
  2. Some are taken through saliva ( Oral uptake)
  3. A hybrid type

Dosing Recommendations

According to Dr. Margaret Gedde: “10mg is considered a single serving for an adult. For somebody who’s never had an edible before, you should start with less,”

After the 1st dose, you should wait for like an hour until you feel something. Furthermore, you should that how many mgs of THC are present in each product.

Marijuana patients who are new to ingesting cannabis should take 10-15mg of cannabinoids dosage for the very first time.

Benefits which edibles provide

  1. Convenience: Marijuana edibles are easy to transport because of their less density and can easily be handled to patients effectively.  
  2. Pain Relievers: They provide strong and long-lasting effects resulting from gradual digestion in the intestine.
  3. Aesthetic Value: They’re easy to administer in the body and can be made at home. Since the patients can use it without any help, it increases the aesthetic values of edibles to sufficient levels.

Challenges and tips for using Marijuana Edibles

  1. Dosage recommendation: Edibles having concentration of 5-10mg THC must be used. As each product has different amounts of marijuana, it must be labelled on the packaging so that the patient using it for the very first has an information about products
  2. Persistence & tolerance of patient: The first exposure to edibles usually takes 1-2 hours, so you have to be patient after consuming them. Some patients after giving up the smoking cannabis usually do not tolerate with the edibles
  3. Be careful about Product type, effects and some reactions:  The edibles show their effects after 1-2 hours of consumption, if you’re seeking for long term effects then it can be useful but if its your first experience, it may be a little inconvenient.

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