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CBD Salve

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CBD Salve isn’t a controversial subject for you on general. Salves utilize wax and omega fats as a foundation rather than mud. In addition to CBD, the salve contains a combination of olive oil and coconut oil for better retention, as well as a patented herbal combination specifically formulated with Ayurvedic herbs for heating. This item is produced from quality natural hemp plants that come from domestic farms, like all our herbal treatments.

Our salve’s excess fat information makes CBD increasingly bioavailable than formulations dependent on the water. This ensures that more CBD in the deepest layers of the skin enters the cannabinoid receptors— rejuvenating dead cells and accelerating restorative mechanisms.


Gently apply the product to the effected part, and scrub it softly into the skin. You’ll quite probably notice a soft, relaxing feeling. Where appropriate, you can do it all over again 3 or even more times throughout the day. Keep this soothing salve far from direct sunlight in a cool and dry place (room temperature).


CBD Salve control pain. It has great potency and the ingredients smells great.

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