Sunset Sherbet Oil Cartridge

  • Sunset Sherbet Oil Cartridge

Sunset Sherbet Oil Cartridge

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Sunset Sherbet comes from the GSC (Girls Scout cookies line). The sweet, India hybrid gives a full-body energetic effect. Also, physical relaxation is introduced with aroma smell. Sherbet oil comes with great smell helps to reduce anxiety orders. Lab-tested sunset sherbet oil and it is legally proven to use THC-70%, CBD-1.35%


Most people ask how sunset sherbet oil  works with a sweet smile As a result, a customer gets energetic effects and physical comfort which reduces stress and tension. Sunset Sherbet Cartridge by Co2 Clear contains our 100% organic CO2 extracted THC oil processed from indicia dominant hybrid strain Sunset Sherbet. The result of a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Healthy skin. Sunset Sherbet has a very creamy, tasty and has ppwerful stone. Our Sunset Sherbet cartridge is ideal for use later in the afternoon and on into the evening.


Sunset Sherbet Oil is also used for medical treatment. You also get relief from depression, anxiety and stress issues. This is perfectly naturally strain product to hit back warm Summer afternoon, if someone is out to make sure the product it should be enough to share.

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