Exotic Carts Grape Ape

  • Exotic Carts Grape Ape

Exotic Carts Grape Ape

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Exotic carts is a fine quality  grape flavour cartridge which provides a mix of sweet and tangy fruity taste it is made by using the flavours of black grapes to provide a variation to your enjoyment process  it is made of natural substances and does not use any harsh chemicals which cause damage to your body try our exotic carts grape ape with your buddies while you spend an evening together


Cartridge contains flavouring liquid in it which provides taste to vape smoke with its flavouring agent the battery provides heat to cartilage which turns the liquid to heat up and release vapour through the bottom of your vaping pipe  it may contain some artificial substance in it which may be harmful for ones health if consumed for excessive duration therefore its advised to use it in moderation


In order to use it you just need to attach the cartridge to your vape pipe which is usually placed at the top part of your vape pen it may vary depending upon the kinds of vape pipes you own for that you simply need to follow the instructions provided to change cartridge  with your vape product

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Now you can easily purchase wide range of cartridge and other vape products from our website www.medicalcannabisandpills.com which has variety of impressive flavours for your new vape pipe easily delived to your doorstep . you can use your debit card or other modes of payment

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