Eleaf IStick Pico RESIN 100W Vape Starter Kit

  • Stick Pico RESIN 100W Vape Starter Kit

Eleaf IStick Pico RESIN 100W Vape Starter Kit

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Eleaf IStick Pico RESIN 100W Vape Starter Kit

The design used in this product is inspired by the motorsports which makes it look sporty and unique if you are a bike or sports car lover this one fits your lifestyle and preference this machine is so powerful that its capable of firing upto 100 watt  which means you are going to get awesome vaping experience this advance mechanism is made from good quality material which makes it super durable therefore it will be a good investment which will pay off for long period of time its sleek design fits in hands perfectly which makes is convenient to use


This powerful machine is very effective as it is capable of taking your smoking experience to the next level its strong flavours , dense smoke will blow your mind and take you to a great highs . its inner structure is designed in such a way that it blends the smoke perfectly giving you light headed feel for good amount of time


Use this vaping product whenever your mind craves for a tasty smoky feel its compact size makes it easy to hold and use simply turn on the vaping machine and inhale the vapour orally from the top hole provided to release smoke  follow the manual to know more details about this product

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